The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ All the Feels from 'Felt'

Honey Buzz ~ All the Feels from 'Felt'

While I am more than happy to admit that there are a heaping buttload of summer blockbusters that I will be first in line for, I am officially stoked beyond all belief for a summer indie release... And that is Amy Everson and Jason Banker's Felt.

After watching the recently released red band trailer for the film, I had ALL the feels, and everyone one of them guarantees, your Revenge Honey will be counting the days until Felt makes it way to a screen near me.

Felt seems to be keeping early information to a minimum, but that is only amplifying my excitement over the film. Described as a "psychological feminist thriller" by IndieWire, Felt follows a woman who discovers a way to take back the power from the men in her life who have sexually assaulted her, abused her, and taken her for granted. However, the deeper she allows herself to become entwined with her new identity, the more she finds herself unable to control her violent side.

Felt has already made waves in the film community, earning Everson (who also stars) the "Next Wave" Spotlight award for Best Actress at the film's Fantastic Fest 2014 premiere. After a limited release on June 26, Felt will get an onDemand release on July 21!

Watch the red band trailer for Felt below, and let me know what you think on Twitter: @linnieloowho