The Horror Honeys: Hardcover Thursday Jam - 'The Ghost of Tom Joad'

Hardcover Thursday Jam - 'The Ghost of Tom Joad'

Men walkin' 'long the railroad tracks 
Goin' someplace there's no goin' back 
Highway patrol choppers comin' up over the ridge 
Hot soup on a campfire under the bridge 
Shelter line stretchin' 'round the corner 
Welcome to the new world order 
Families sleepin' in their cars in the Southwest 
No home no job no peace no rest 
The highway is alive tonight 
But nobody's kiddin' nobody about where it goes 
I'm sittin' down here in the campfire light 
Searchin' for the ghost of Tom Joad

First performed by Bruce Springsteen, with a typically folksy, Americana twang, "The Ghost of Tom Joad" is based on a character from John Steinbeck's American realist novel The Grapes of Wrath. While not a horror book, it's a hard look at America's deep desperation during the Great Depression, and the terrifying need to cling to hope in a time of utter devastation. Turned into an anthem for rebellion by Rage Against the Machine, this is how I like my literature interpreted, full of outrage (obviously), and righteous fire. Zack De La Rocha has a haunting way of performing these lyrics, and the themes of Steinbeck's book echo clearly into the modern world, whether we like it or not. ~HH