The Horror Honeys: Hannibal: Season 2, Episode 3 ~ Secondo

Hannibal: Season 2, Episode 3 ~ Secondo

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

As the most dysfunctional family reunion in the history of ever continues, we are assured that Jack Crawford is still alive and he is making fast friends with Inspector Pazzi while also explaining to him, and less invested viewers, the intricacies of Will and Hannibals relationship. Not to be outdone, Bedelia spent the episode acting as Hannibals therapist while they relived everything that has brought Will and Hannibal to this point in their tortured bromance. 

You are going to be caught. It has already been set in motion.

So, lets go back to the roots of or our story, shall we? Everyone knows, you can never really go back home and this is especially true for our favorite cannibal. In yet another brilliant nod to the Thomas Harris books, Fuller acknowledges the most maligned of the series, Hannibal Rising, while simultaneously embracing it and throwing shade at it.

Nothing happened to me. I happened.

In the book, it is told that Misha was killed and eaten by soldiers, thus explaining away Hannibals taste for long pig, but this incarnation of Hannibal doesnt get an excuse. He is simply an abomination and he is totally comfortable with that.


The story with Chiyoh is interesting, but it also feels like an exaggerated version of Abigail Hobbs and Bedelia all rolled into one. Hannibal certainly has quite a trail of women whom he has tried to turn into killers, but they refuse and, ultimately, live in prisons of their own design. Also, why is Bedelia the only one who knows not to believe the lies Hannibal tells? She knew he ate his sister, but poor, beautiful Chiyoh accepts this lie and believes it to be the reasonHannibal is the way he is. Chiyoh has kept a man imprisoned for something that Hannibal did. Thanks goodness Will was there to set her straight. Misha doesnt explain Hannibal. She doesnt quantify what hes done.In the end, everyone who has crossed paths with Hannibal Lecter becomes a murderer. 

As always, this was a gorgeous episode, but it seems as if all of the best stuff was saved for Wills trip to Lithuania. Where else on television can you see fireflies create a halo around a killer as he gazes upon snails feasting on a human being? And if that man strung up like a moth wasnt a gorgeous nod to the one book that Fuller cant use, I dont know what is. Also, happy to see you have fully embraced your dark side, Will. Welcome. 

I wish Mads was in my memory palace. 

That may have been impulsive.

This was an emotionally heavy episode, so the comedic moment where Sogliato got an ice pick to the temple was a nice moment of gallows humor. Even Bedelia agreed that guy was annoying enough to merit the ice pick. Unfortunately, Hannibal is correct when he points out to her that she, technically, killed him. I do believe we have just witnessed the moment that Hannibals world begins to unfold. This impulsive moment ranks up there with Walter White watching Jane O.D. Hubris is the death of all intelligent, power hungry men. Hannibal cant see through all of his mixed emotions over Will Graham and as all of his victims assemble, Hannibal is vulnerable, but doesnt quite realize how vulnerable he is. Let the games begin.

Buffalo Bill, can you hear me?

  • This tragic love story between Hannibal and Will is just as delicious as the one between Jorah and Daenerys on Game of Thrones.
  • I seriously couldnt handle watching Chiyo undress that pheasant. Much easier to watch Hannibal cut up an arm. What does that say about me?
  • The sexual innuendo was flying when Will explained his relationship with Hannibal to Chiyoh and it was wonderful. Last time I saw him, he left me with a smile.
  • If you dont understand the Walter White reference, please sit down and watch Breaking Bad immediately. Do not leave your couch until you have finished the entire series. Youre welcome.
Has the recent cancellation of Hannibal left you with a bad taste in your mouth? 

Yes, please.

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