The Horror Honeys: Friday Anti-Favorites - Horror Cliches

Friday Anti-Favorites - Horror Cliches

Girls that trip and fall over nothing. Killers that can walk faster than anyone else runs. Sorority babes that shout, "This isn't funny any more!" as if being stalked by a psycho was ever funny to begin with. We have all been conditioned by years and years of watching horror films to pretty much expect certain cliches. However, even when we adore horror, eventually some of these tropes begin to royally chap our collective asses. So this week, the Horror Honeys decided to feature a Friday Anti-Favorites, chock full of their least favorite horror cliches. Do YOU have a horror fallback trope that makes you want to reach for a knife and stab yourself in the eyeballs? Tweet us and let us know, using #horrorcliches!

Head Honey Kat - The Wilhelm Scream

Revenge Honey Linnie - Faux movie knife/sword SCHWING!
Revenge Honey may be in love with this man.

SciFi Honey 2.0 Katie ~ Creepy kids with the gift of second sight
And thank GOODNESS you're young and impressionable enough to be snatched by them!

Supernatural Honey Suzanne - No one EVER has cell reception. Ever. Anywhere.

Gamer Honey - Super human zombies 
(Because hoards of slow decaying bodies needed to be worse)

Hardcover Honey Jocelyn - Trashcan BANG, Cat MEOW
(because one never happens without the other in real life)
Revenge Honey couldn't find a clip of this one. So enjoy this cat
firing a machine gun like a badass.

Horror TV Honey Lisa ~ "Helllloooo?"

Slasher Honey Chassity ~ Teenage archetypes that would NEVER really hang out in real life going on vacation together. The slut, the nerd, the jock, the weird girl, the good girl; quit trying to Breakfast Club it, horror filmmakers!

Zombie Honey Bella ~ Constantly running in the WRONG fucking direction. WHY are you running up the stairs instead out of the door? WHY are you running TOWARDS the danger instead of away from it. Occasionally final girls (and gals) are really, really stupid - right before they get smart.

And just for fun, please enjoy, 'HELL NO: The Sensible Horror Film."