The Horror Honeys: 'Almost Mercy' is Almost Awful... But Weirdly Amazing.

'Almost Mercy' is Almost Awful... But Weirdly Amazing.

A Revenge Honey New Release Review by Linnie

Almost Mercy (2015)

It's a strange sort of experience, struggling with yourself as you watch a film. The logical part of you knows you shouldn't like it: maybe the story isn't terribly original, or the acting isn't fabulous, maybe the production value leaves a lot to be desired. Yet, despite the logical side being fully aware you should dissuade people from seeing the film, a larger part of you thinks...


This was my experience with Tom DeNucci's Almost Mercy, and while other people may not understand why, I sure did like it an awful lot.

The Story: Jackson (Jesse Dufault) and Emily (Danielle Guldin) are weird kids: always have been, always will be. Except they're movie weird... Neither of them make a conscious effort to fit in, so obviously they stand out all the more. Their classmates, teachers, and one really icky pedophile priest (played by the darling Bill Moseley) take advantage of and torture Jackson and Emily on the regular. Luckily, the outcast duo have each other, and their desire to seek bloody revenge on everyone who has ever hurt them. But when it comes down to doing the deed, which of the pair will be the one with true vengeful spirit?

Smoking and wearing black... You KNOW they're trouble.
The first thing I noticed about Almost Mercy was that it seemed to follow a very specific teen-film format. We get some background via flashbacks to our main characters' childhoods, we have voice-over narration from Emily anchoring the film, a pair of misfits that aren't remotely what they seem, and authority figures that straight up suck. The difference here is that all of these tropes are taken to an especially dark place. Kane Hodder's PE teacher is a brute, and an off-brand Scientologist, and clearly a lech. Moseley's priest is an unrepentant pedophile. Parents care exclusively about their own needs, which generally relate to drugs, alcohol, or really upsetting BDSM sexual encounters with mean teachers. Grownups aren't portrayed in black and white in Almost Mercy, but when you're a kid... are they ever?

You're a gym teacher. I don't want your life advice.
What really struck me about this movie, though, wasn't the violence or the story; it was the unusual way it approached both. Almost Mercy showed that even the most angry kid might not be the ticking time bomb everyone assumes they are. Furthermore, I loved that the least likely character was the one with the true capacity to commit epic bloody revenge, and they do so in grand revenge film fashion. It was this interesting twist on the standard that resulted in my affection for DeNucci's movie.

I love you Bill, but eesh. Eesh.
Almost Mercy isn't a perfect film, but it's far from ordinary, and that alone makes it well worth a watch.

Revenge Honey Rating: 3 & 1/2 awkward dad encounters out of 5

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