The Horror Honeys: A Lonely Girl, A Lovely Lie...

A Lonely Girl, A Lovely Lie...

A Revenge Honey Short Film Review by Linnie

Dawn (2014)

As a longtime fan of Rose McGowan, I was utterly devastated by her decision to stop acting... but I understood it. Tired of being judged based solely on her looks, McGowan made the decision to step behind the camera, and focus on writing and directing. Now that I've finally seen McGowan's debut short film, Dawn, I nominate her to direct every horror film for the rest of forever.

Seriously. I'll beg.

The Story: It's the 1950s. Dawn is a lonely teenager, raised by strict parents, and specifically a mother who seems deeply focused on grooming Dawn to find a man. When a young man at the gas station makes eyes at Dawn, she is smitten, and so it seems, is he. Former-football star Charlie begins pursuing Dawn, encouraging her to spend time with him and his friends. Is it truly young love? Or is na├»ve Dawn being drawn into something she doesn't understand?

In fifteen minutes, McGowan manages to craft a film full of more emotion, suspense, and sheer terror than most of the big-budget horror films that play in theaters. Within seconds, I was completely attached to Dawn, played by Tara Lynne Barr. Barr actually bears a striking resemblance to McGowan, and you can feel the deep affection McGowan has for the character. Even as you, a world-weary horror viewer, begin to suspect nothing is as innocent as it seems, you hope against hope for innocent Dawn's sake that she will get her happy ending. It's a credit to writers M.A. Fortin and Joshua John Miller, as well as McGowan, that they don't shy away from reality.

For a first time director, McGowan is stunningly skilled. Every shot in Dawn is visual poetry: elegant, gorgeous, and purposeful. The 1950s setting is beautifully recreated down to every detail. Dawn never feels like a short film, because it is so lush and so full of color and life, you will be entirely satisfied by the end of its 15-minute run time. Again, this is more than can be said of most movies that are four times as long and half as interesting.

After watching Dawn, I am on the edge of my seat to see what Rose McGowan does next, and whatever it is can't come soon enough...

Revenge Honey Rating: 4 1/2 packs of Beemans Gum out of 5

Watch the FULL short film here.

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