The Horror Honeys: 5 Slasher/Horror Movie Deaths that Broke Slasher Honey's Heart

5 Slasher/Horror Movie Deaths that Broke Slasher Honey's Heart

A Slasher Honey Top 5 Feels List by Chassity

5 Slasher (and Other) Movie Deaths That Broke My Heart (1997 - 2011 edition)

When one goes into slasher movie, one expects carnage. We expect walking stereotypes, and maybe a few laughs. What we don’t normally expect is to fall in love with certain characters and then to be sad or surprised when they die. Every now and then, though, this actually happens. There are those rare characters we connect with, or admire for not being stupid, so much so that when they die we actually find ourselves sucking our teeth, saying, “Aw, man!," or even the elusive reaction of a disappointed “No!” escaping our mouths. I know I have a few that gave me that reaction. Five to be exact. 

Michael... your breath... 
Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), Halloween Resurrection ~ I know, I know. First of all, this one is the most obvious, AND it was Queen Jamie’s decision. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I get that she wanted a way out. But (and as overused and almost clich├ęd as it is) Laurie Strode is an iconic slasher film Final Girl, and Jamie Lee Curtis may be the most iconic Scream Queen of them all. As a horror fan, watching her go was a rough moment, and it could have only been slightly appeased by at least giving her a better death than the one she actually got. In my book, you don’t give THE Queen an exit like that and get away with it. I don’t understand why she had to be in it at all. If Curtis didn’t want to come back, and her screen time was pretty much only her death anyway, why not just leave the character be and let us imagine her off living her life free of Michael? It’s not as interesting, but it’s better than giving Laurie a death not befitting of her strength and everything she's suffered through.
Let me guess, he's right behind me.

Russell Franklin (Samuel L. Jackson), Deep Blue Sea ~  Okay, so I’m cheating. Deep Blue Sea isn’t a slasher movie, but it actually sort of fits the model... just with giant genetically modified man-eating sharks instead of slow-walking killers. I also wouldn’t feel right doing a list of deaths that shouldn’t have happened without this completely unexpected death. I’m not going to deny that it played really well onscreen, and that was pretty much the entire point. But if you didn’t already like the character, the speech he gives right before his death made you love him, and made it that much more upsetting and frustrating to see him go. I remember thinking that, at the very least, the idiot chick who got them into that mess should have been taken in his place, her martyr death was annoying as hell. 

Joyce (Gina Holden), Saw VII, and William (Peter Outerbridge), Saw VI ~You didn’t really think I was going to complete this list without a death or two from my favorite franchise, did you? But seriously, John Kramer was always on his high horse claiming that he was helping people and that he wasn’t really a killer. And he also held firm to the belief that his subjects deserved to be tested and it was nothing personal. William Easton was the second victim to prove this to be untrue. Easton basically sentenced Jigsaw to death by refusing his coverage, and Jigsaw saved him for almost last in making him pay for it. I’ve always had a problem with this because the law is the law. Easton was NOT responsible for the way the law works, and the way the entire insurance industry operates. Yes, he told John it was his “formula,” but it obviously had to be based within actual laws and regulations. If Jigsaw had lived long enough, would he have tested all his state and federal representatives as well? Not only this, but Easton was the only test subject who demonstrated with every test that he learned his lesson. 

And don’t even get me started on the ultimate murder of Joyce. Because, yes, it was murder. She was the only innocent in the Jigsaw scam. She had no idea that her husband was lying about being one of Jigsaw’s subjects. Why did she have to die and Bobby got to live? AND she got a worse, much more painful death than ANY of Bobby’s handlers.

Not cool. 

Falling brick? Are you fucking kidding me?
Alex Browning (Devon Sawa), Final Destinaton 2 ~ So, earlier when I said that Laurie Strode was given a death that didn't fit her status? Well, it could have been worse. She could have been given some half-assed, thrown in, offscreen death like Alex Browning suffered in Final Destination. Here’s the definition of not getting it: Devon Sawa was a 90s teen heartthrob, and in the early 00s he was ready and poised to retire that status for something else: Final Boy. He’d already done Idle Hands and was a breath of fresh air as a vulnerable Final Boy in the first Final Destination, and he would go on to be in a series of other B-grade horror films. Sawa gave a great performance in the film, and was the perfect combination of vulnerable, yet smart and strong. He had Final Boy written all over him. So what do the powers that be do when it comes time to decide which one of the two survivors to bring back for the sequel? They choose Ali Larter’s Clear Rivers, remember her? She'd be the person with the least attachment to the group in the original film, the character without the visions. She's also the one without any real reason or way to help Kimberly and the others in the sequels. So why this choice? Because they wanted it to be a woman surviving, a woman helping Kimberly. Look, obviously you can’t get anymore “Girl Power rah rah rah” than me, but that’s a bit patronizing. Especially when it would have been better for the story to have Alex survive, Kim seek him out, and then to see him guiding her on how to interpret and use her signs and visions. Frustration.

Pictured: The Slasher Honey's reaction.
Jamie Kennedy, Scream 2 ~ Didn’t see this one coming? Then you clearly don’t know me at all. As far as I'm concerned, there has never been a more heartbreaking slasher movie death. As I’ve said before, usually the most popular character in a horror franchise is the killer or the Final Girl. But for a lot of Scream fans, it was Randy. So many of us connected to him and identified with him right away because, as horror fans, Randy was us. Sidney had survivor’s immunity because she was the Final Girl, but Randy was supposed to live because he had the knowledge to outsmart the killer. He was the voice of every horror movie fan. And, as any Scream fan will tell anyone who’d listen, he never, EVER would have let the group split up, would have known better than to antagonize the killer, and certainly would have never forgotten to pay attention to his surroundings and watch his back. This was a big example of plot driven writing - having the character act out of character just to serve what has to happen, rather than making what happened be influenced by who the character is. I get that someone had to die, and they wanted it to be a character from the original massacre. But why, oh why, did it HAVE to be Randy? For emotional impact? I’m sure the impact that it had, which was pissing off the fan base (and Jamie Kennedy lovers like me), was not the reaction they wanted. As Sidney said, “That shouldn’t have been Randy. It should’ve been me.” Well… I think we can all agree on at least the first part, Sid.


Do you have a heartbreaking slasher death to share?