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Zombie Buzz: Zom-Rom-Com Mmmmhmm

Zombie Honey Buzz by Bella

How does a Zom-Rom-Com sound to you? To me, adding zombies is pretty much the only way I’ll actively watch a romantic comedy. So +1 to you, Night of the Living Deb.

With the onslaught of “living dead” movies that continue to roll out, like the hordes of zombies they throw at their survivors, it’s really easy to roll your eyes and scroll on by. “Living Dead” movies are hit or miss - at best; there is very rarely any middle ground. Night of the Living Deb is missing the “dead” in it’s title but is definitely hitting some high notes that have piqued my interest. Ray Wise, for one. 

A walk of shame turns into a fight for survival - and love - as Deb, wakes up from an awkward one-night-stand with the hottest guy in Portland. She can’t quite remember all of the events of the evening, but she’s thrilled none-the-less - until he ushers her out the door into a zombie apocalypse.

If it hasn’t become glaringly obvious: I really like zombie movies that are self-aware and relatable in their humility - and humor. So, yeah... I’m looking forward to this. Besides, who wouldn’t gleefully run over a zombie, or 100? Exactly.