The Horror Honeys: Zombie Buzz ~ Hipsters vs. Zombies: Game Preview

Zombie Buzz ~ Hipsters vs. Zombies: Game Preview

A Zombie Honey Gamer Buzz by Bella

Are hipsters cool now? Have they circled back on themselves and become vintage? Do hipsters think hipsters are cool? WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE? I’ll tell you: There’s a new 2D, side scrolling, run-and-gun (or run-and-typewriter) game in the works, Hipsters vs. Zombies.

Apparently there has been ANOTHER zombie outbreak and only the fittest, luckiest, or hipsteriest have survived. Armed only with three weapons specific to their hipsternality and a cup of coffee, these underground, Australian film watching, survivors have to befriend hardened survivors in order to make their way through levels and hordes of the undead.

I wonder if that flaming record is The Flaming Lips...
Also, manbun spotted.
I have to say I really like the art style and the old arcade feel. I can even get behind some vintage weaponry. But, I am concerned about the longevity of a hipster game. I mean - for all intents and purposes - wouldn’t this game not be cool to play for another 5-10 years? I hope we don’t have to wait that long. The developers have a Kickstarter up and running and need your help in spreading the word - and building their bank accounts - to finish/polish/distribute Hipsters vs. Zombies.

If this gets backed, I hope one of the stretch goals is a beard attack.