The Horror Honeys: Why is Everything Awful from Outer Space?!

Why is Everything Awful from Outer Space?!

An Indie Comics Honey Review by Shannon

Title: Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space No.1
Author: Jave Galt-Miller
Artist: Wayne A. Brown (pencils), Raymond Agustin (colours) Shawn Depasquale (Letters)
Publisher: Big Things Production
Released: March 2015

Artwork  - 3/5
Layout  - 5/5
Writing  - 4/5
Characters  - 3/5
Re-Readability  - 4/5
Total: 3 1/2 out of 5

While in the midst of working on my own comic project involving the Sapphic Supernatural, I received a review copy of Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space: a seven issue mini-series involving a video store clerk in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, in which the term “Blood Orgy” takes on a literal meaning!

Yep, this is a horror movie all right.
Artwork & Layout
The pencils and colours are pretty much what you'd expect from independent, small press comic. The character design and artstyle can be a little inconsistent sometimes, but not to the point of being unintelligible. The layout of the book is good, and the lettering and panels work well for the scenes.

Ace Johnson (ugh), gets more than an eyeful when he witnesses a zombie ménage à trois, as he hid in a closet with a video camera. After his friend Ellis becomes lunch, Ace escapes and goes to get help. Meanwhile all the women in the city are being converted to bi-sexual/lesbian zombies and satisfy their craving for man meat... I cannot believe I just wrote that last sentence with a straight face.

Lesbain hive mind or Vulcan porn? You decide!
The comedy of the comic bounces between schlocky, silly and just plain offensive. Anyone who is a Troma fan would enjoy this comic and its dark humor regarding the Male Gaze of Lesbians, who have sex with women, but would rather eat his dick.

While I do find the “Women Gone Crazy” trope is completely played out in films and comics, I did notice a foreshadow to a plot twist in later issues, I am curious as to how its going to play out -- or perhaps offend another group of people altogether.

Blowjobs in comic books? UNACCEPTABLE! 
Penis Cannibals? APPROVED!

The characters from Lesbian Zombies is pretty much what you would expect: Ace the perverted manchild, his milquetoast friend Ellis, Gwen the nerdy butch and the many bisexual Lesbians getting naked and tearing men into pieces.

I really wanted Ace to meet his end in the first issue but it looks like he will be getting some character development, or at very least a satisfying death sequence. I can relate to Gwen quite well... perhaps a little too much.

B-but they're not Lesbians! FFFFFFFFU-!!!

There is enough blood, boobs and penis-chomping to go around for more than one read. Despite my snark, I actually did end up reading this comic more than once, had a chuckle at some scenes and noticed interesting details and fanservice that actually doesn't revolve around naked women (as weird as that sounds)

This book fits into the “So bad, its good” category. There are many things I should not like about it but it tickles me in strange ways. Maybe it's an inherant amateurish charm, or the fact that it really doesn't take itself too seriously, or I have very bad taste. Your mileage may vary on this one.