The Horror Honeys: These Beauties Have a Killer Appetite...

These Beauties Have a Killer Appetite...

A Revenge Honey Swooning Review by Linnie

The Ladies of the House (2014)

It isn't often that your Revenge Honey gets to watch a film she simply can't stop talking about. Usually, the extent of my film experience involves ranting and raving about whatever dumpster fire I've been forced to endure thanks to the lack of quality revenge films released at any given time. But recently I had the pleasure watching John Stuart Wildman and Justina Walford's The Ladies of the House, and within ten minutes of hitting play, we already have a front runner for my favorite revenge movie of 2015.

The Story
: Three buddies, Jacob, Derek, and Kai, go to a strip/burlesque club to celebrate Kai's birthday. But when douchebag Derek decides that being a stripper automatically equals being a whore and insists the men follow performer Ginger home, the night takes a turn for the violent. After a terrible "accident," the men try to run from the house before Ginger's roommates return from the club. However, unbeknownst to the fellas, these women aren't just work buddies, or roommates; they're a family, and when you fuck with the family, you are in for a world of hurt.

Almost immediately after beginning The Ladies of the House, I was in love: in love with the gorgeous pulp/noir color pallet, in love with the women and their rockabilly style, in love with their fierce passion and desperate need to protect one another from the evils of the world. Even as you detect a sinister undercurrent to their loyalty, and you will inevitably question their giddy motives right away, you can't help but become immediately infatuated with Lin (Farah White), Getty (Melodie Sisk), Crystal (Brina Palencia), and Ginger (Michelle Sinclair). 

Part of the appeal of the Ladies stems from the excellent writing courtesy of Wildman and Walford. Their characters are complex and layered; the villains are hardly one-note (with maybe the exception of Samrat Chakrabarti's Derek), and our heroines are far from the standard archetype of the final girl. Kai (RJ Hanson) is established almost immediately as being a little mentally slow, but hardly a blameless bystander, it is Kai's actions that are the catalyst for Ladies' revenge arc. Even as you question his culpability, and it will make you uncomfortable, you still can't deny his responsibility in the story's gruesome first act. Wildman and Walford also make the fascinating decision of switching the gender on our standard "final girl" trope and give us a "final boy" in Gabriel Horn's Jacob. Jacob is the voice of reason, the "good boy," the one who even as you adore the Ladies, you can't help but root for just a little. It's a credit to Wildman and Walford that nothing in The Ladies of the House is black and white.

And that goes for the beautiful art/set direction and costuming as well. The house in question is ripped right from a 50s fever dream, all gorgeous bright colors and vintage appliances. The ladies live their life with the ideals of a classic American family, and those vintage values are reflected in every square inch of their home. Even a grisly meal is set out with the loving care of June Cleaver... assuming she was raised by the Sawyer family. It's disarmingly perfect, and made me want to pack my bags and move in immediately.

It's impossible not to praise The Ladies of the House without giving ample credit to the actresses who carry the film. Tattooed, elegant, angry, and delicate, each woman brings something unique to her role, and you will inevitably find yourself drawn to one or the other by the end of the film. Personally, Melodie Sisk's Getty was my idol almost immediately: brash, brave, dangerous, fiercely protective of her family, and utterly beautiful. But no matter which lady you latch on to, you can't lose, because every one of them offers up an exceptional example of the future of what the future of women in horror could look like if more films took chances.

In the end, no matter what kind of horror film you gravitate toward, The Ladies of the House has a little of everything to draw you in, stress you out, and totally unnerve you. This fabulous film is my first can't miss of 2015.

Revenge Honey Rating: 4 1/2 naughty piglets out of 5

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