The Horror Honeys: Sci-Friday Jam ~ 'We Don't Need Another Hero'

Sci-Friday Jam ~ 'We Don't Need Another Hero'

Out of the ruins, out from the wreckage

Can't make the same mistake this time

We are the children, the last generation

We are the ones they left behind
And I wonder when we are ever gonna change it

Living under the fear till nothing else remains
We don't need another hero

We don't need to know the way home

All we want is life beyond the thunderdome...

The only thing better than a movie that features dialogue using the title of the movie? A movie that features a song using the title of the movie! While I haven't watched Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome since Mel Gibson went all anti-semitic crazy, I will never tire of listening to the Tina Turner- sung title song from the third Mad Max film. Besides, if it came down to choosing a side in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, I'm always picking Tina Turner's team. ~RH