The Horror Honeys: Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'When Genevieve Ruled the World'

Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'When Genevieve Ruled the World'

"It is true, nonetheless, that the world was once ruled with the iron fist of a three-and-half-year-old girl."

Without a doubt, Katy Towell has her share of fans at the Horror Honeys. We've featured her cartoons here before, and I was lucky enough to interview her not so long ago! This week's horror cartoon is another entry in her "Childrin R Skary" series, and it proves what we all already knew...

Little girls are just tiny dictators waiting for an excuse to take over the world.

"Little girls can be terrifying in their own small way..."

In Towell's When Genevieve Ruled the World, a spoiled little girl has every single toy in the whole wide world. But when her mother informs her that there are officially no new toys left for her to buy, Genevieve decides she is going to get herself the best toy there is... THE WORLD ITSELF!

Watch as little Genevieve creates an army of dolls and teddy bears to take dominion over the Earth for their pint-sized owner as she lays mini-waste to the world.

Enjoy another of Katy Towell's creepy creations and have a Spooky Saturday!

Katy Towell