The Horror Honeys: Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'ABC Monsters'

Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'ABC Monsters'

Have you been looking for a fun way to teach your kids the ABCs that doesn't involve using that bullshit song we were all tortured with as children? Then this adorable cartoon from LaPompadour may be just the ticket!

Get ready for your Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon, ABC Monsters!

"C is for Chucky"
Nothing brings horror fans more joy than seeing their favorite monsters and horror films celebrated in a glorious montage. But even better? Getting to watch baddies from Hannibal to Pinhead used for educational purposes! The lovingly crafted ABC Monsters is a collection of everything we love about horror: blood, fear, silliness, whimsy, gothic terror, and the fires of hell. But the best part is that this adorable little cartoon is suitable for child and grownup alike.

"N is for Nosferatu"
With a wonderful simplicity, LaPompadour has compiled a brief history of the best of horror. Now the only question is... 

Can YOU name every character in ABC Monsters?

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