The Horror Honeys: Saturday Morning Creepy Cartoon ~ Ren and Stimpy

Saturday Morning Creepy Cartoon ~ Ren and Stimpy

Ren and Stimpy - Season 1, Episode 3a

When your Head Honey was just a Little Busy Bee, there weren't many occasions that my brother and I disobeyed the parental strictures that were imposed on our TV consumption. While she somehow missed the memo on Watership Down, my mother had good instincts when it came to cartoons that were just plain fucked up and tried her best to make sure that we didn't watch it, or at the very least, get exposed to too much of it. Sadly, when it came to Ren & Stimpy, I don't know HOW we convinced her that it was the best thing ever. I'm pretty sure that my brother and I consumed FAR more of this brand of madness than I'm sure we should have. I can still sing the entire theme song for "Log" and most of the 1993 "You Eediot" album. Don't judge me. I'll cut you.

Of all of the Ren & Stimpy that went into my eyeholes, there was one episode that stuck in my brain and even after all these years, SPACE MADNESS is the episode that I will always remember. It might be the soap eating... But honestly, the thought crosses my mind on the rare occasions that I have an ice cream sandwich that it might taste like soap. Plus, the last few months of "real life" have really given me the space madness... kinda for reals.


PS - This video, while the only FULL episode I could find, has a weird setting thing... 
For those wondering how to change the speed to 2x: click on the little gear symbol, go to the Speed setting, then click on 2. You're fucking welcome.