The Horror Honeys: Penny Dreadful ~ Season 2, Episode 2: Verbis Diablo

Penny Dreadful ~ Season 2, Episode 2: Verbis Diablo

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

If Vanessa Ives is frightened of what she just saw in her room, then we know with absolute certainty that we are dealing with a very serious Big Bad this season. Not even my prayers are safe,she exclaims while looking for solace from Sir Malcolm. Wherever we walk, we walk together,was probably the most perfect thing that he could have said to her in that moment. For whatever reason, Sir Malcolm finds peace in aiding the sufferers of Cholera and brings Vanessa with him. Not really sure how this brings him peace, but it did bring us our very first encounter between Vanessa and Caliban, or rather, John Clare. Their exchange about religion was light, but full of meaning and foreshadowing. Very interesting.

Victor and Caliban are trying to help Brona (now Lilly) adapt to her new reality. Caliban is immediately smitten with her, but it looks as though he is going to have to fight for her emotions. After a very intimate shampoo and hair dye moment, Lilly seems to only have eyes for Dr. Frankenstien and it looks as though he may reciprocate these feelings. He better hope that her memory doesnt retrieve the accidentthat killed her. Who knew Victor was such a master behind the chair? He took Lilly from brunette to bright blonde with one application and its incredibly even and not at all brassy or damaged. 
Raise your hand if you weren't jealous of this moment.

We wait an entire episode to see Dorian Gray and then were given so little. In fact, Dorian seemed more like the vehicle to bring us Angelique. As someone who saw The Crying Game in the theatre, I started having flashbacks the minute she began flirting with Mr. Gray. Stay young and beautiful Dorian Gray, it suits you, she says as an exit statement. Was this put in solely for the people who still dont know what Dorians story is? Who cares because when we meet Angelique again we get to see the full measure of her beauty and true to character, Dorian is not even slightly shocked. 

Very relaxing indeed.

The nicest surprise this episode was Mr. Lyle. Watching him turn into a giddy, young girl while flirting with Mr. Chandler was absolutely hilarious. Not to be reduced to the token flamboyant character, Mr. Lyle has access to a wealth of information regarding the dead language that Vanessa spoke. In fact, Mr. Lyle and Mr. Chandlers visit to the museum to retrieve the physical artifacts of the dead language seemed to imply what could be a wonderfully fortuitous relationship. Too bad Mr. Lyle is working for Madame Kali.

Hey girl. hey!

Truly her mothers daughter, one of the Nightcomers preys upon a young couple and kidnaps their baby. Why does she need the baby? So Madame can use its organs to make a doll of Ms. Ives to go along with all of her other creepy, fucking dolls in that chamber of horrors. Truly, the scene of her creating the doll was equal parts gorgeous and gruesome, but those dolls were almost too much for this pediophobia sufferer to handle. Well, TV Babies, how do you think she is going to utilize this doll in her battle with Vanessa? Let me know via Twitter.


  • Wonder why they chose to do away with Bronas accent.
  • A survivor of Ethans wolf attack? Uh-oh.
  • Where does Madam Kali get all of this fierce jewelry?
Yes please, more Dorian.