The Horror Honeys: Penny Dreadful ~ Season 2, Episode 1: Fresh Hell

Penny Dreadful ~ Season 2, Episode 1: Fresh Hell

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

I know Im not the only Dreadful who feels as though they have been waiting an eternity in the demimonde for Penny Dreadful to return. After losing my weekly journey to crazy town courtesy of Rick Grimes, I have felt a huge hole in terms of superior horror television and I have been satiated at last.

Season one ended with the bigreveal that Mr. Chandler is of the lycanthropy variety, Dr. Frankenstein smothered Brona, Mr. Chandlers love, and now intends to reanimate her as a partner for his monster, Caliban. Vanessa and Malcolm finally faced down the vampires only to have Malcolm be forced to make a Sophies Choice and he chose Vanessa. Despite their crazily awesome sex, Vanessa spurned Dorians advances and requested an exorcism. Got that? Good.

Love, love, love when a show picks up right where the action left off and we are greeted by Mr. Chandler waking up to the chaos he created when approached by two Pinkerton detectives. I have said it a million times, but if you didnt realize Ethan was a werewolf, I really dont understand what show you were watching. Panicked by his actions, Ethan runs to Vanessa and tells her that he has to leave. Instead of asking a million invasive questions, Vanessa simply asks how she can help him and this is when all hell breaks loose. Literally. Three naked, bald and branded women attack Mr. Chandler and Ms. Ives only to be run off when Vanessa starts speaking in a dead language. The scene where our two heroes stand atop a broken carriage with an eviscerated horse bleeding onto the pristine snow is perfection. Penny Dreadful, I didnt realize how very much I missed you.

Is there a more beautiful cast on television?

So.. this didn't tip you off, first season?
Caliban finds employment at the local wax museum where the proprietor is very excited to unveil his newest display: the Massacre at Mariners Inn. If youll remember, last season Mr. Chandlers nighttime activities were blamed on Jack the Ripper, but now someone is making a literal display of his lunar proclivities. It shall be very interesting to see how this pans out for him, especially since there is an eagle-eyed Pinkerton agent now on his case. 

Malcolm tries to make amends with his wife to no avail, so he returns to London and is warmly welcomed by Vanessa. The relationship between Vanessa and Malcolm is beautifully complex and it warmed my heart to see them reunited.

Beware my fierceness.

Victor Frankenstein seems to be grappling with some unusual mental and emotional feelings towards his creations and its only going to get worse now that Brona has come back to life after a truly suspenseful and beautifully filmed reanimation scene. A lot of love was put into this moment and you could feel it coming through the screen.

I. Die.
The most gorgeous moment of the episode came courtesy of our new Big Bad, Madame Kali. A dedicated servant of Lucifer, she is introduced while soaking in a bath full of blood. If for some reason this sight did not alert you to her wickedly delicious ways, then the fact that she has no qualms killing one of her daughters with a super cool and deadly ring puts all doubts to rest. As the episode closes with Ms. Ives and Madame Kali spiritually battling one another, the excitement and anticipation of these two badass women facing off is taken to an 11 and I couldnt be more excited to be spending my Sunday nights in the demimonde again. I have only one complaint. Where was my gorgeous Dorian Gray? An episode of Penny Dreadful with no Dorian is like an episode of The Walking Dead with no Daryl Dixon; a minor tragedy.

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