The Horror Honeys: Murder Monday Jam ~ 'Skinned'

Murder Monday Jam ~ 'Skinned'

Hey, I could really use a couple of hands
To complete one hell of a plant stand
Oh, and don't you know that I'm caught here in the middle
Making rib cages into coffee tables
I'm just makin' em into coffee tables
And when I realize that this skin I'm in
Hey, it isn't mine
And when will the thrill be too much meat for me to find anymore

In the 90s, grunge and metal bands loved to write songs about serial killers. Because really, what's more hardcore than radio-friendly pop songs about Ted Bundy? One of my favorite true crime songs from the 90s is Blind Melon's "Skinned." Mostly because out of all the serial killer songs I know, "Skinned" is potentially one of the catchiest, most toe-tapping murder ballads every written. Blind Melon had a talent for writing dark songs cloaked in an air of happiness, and that is what makes them one of the more memorable bands from the 90s. 

That, and they sang about making rib cages into coffee tables. SO awesome. ~RH