The Horror Honeys: More Black Smoke Than LOST...

More Black Smoke Than LOST...

A Supernatural Honey Review by Suzanne

After (2012)

Trying to get back on track after an exhausting, but seriously fun trip to Seattle for Crypticon has been nothing short of an epic fail. Jet lag and panic attacks have kept me from being even a little productive. This week I’m pulling from a pile of mediocre films I watched two weeks ago because, lazy.

Freddie and Ana are the only two passengers on a bus, both returning home after time away. They’re strangers, although they live in the same town and have since they were kids. Freddie is an artist and tries to strike up a conversation with Ana, a nurse, who is not entirely receptive. Suddenly, the bus is struck. 

Ana wakes in her bed. Was the bus incident a dream? She goes to work at the local hospital and realizes she is the only one there. As she drives home, she notices the streets are deserted and houses are dark, but cars are in driveways and porch lights are on. She walks the streets, looking for any sign of life and runs into Freddie. With a little more exploration, they realize they are the only two left in their small town.

A face only a mother... or a Horror Honey... could love.
They attempt to leave, but they are surrounded by a thick, black fog, which is moving toward the center of town. They find a door that will only open with a key, a key that is being guarded by a gangly monster. At the rate of speed the fog is moving, Freddie and Ana determine they only have a few days to figure out what is happening if they are to escape and survive.

While on their journey they encounter joint flashbacks, ultimately discovering how they are linked through childhood tragedy, and fall in love in the process. 

Leads Steven Strait and Karolina Wydra did an acceptable job considering they handled 90% of the dialogue. Unfortunately, their chemistry was a bit off and I found myself not caring about their fate, together or separately. The other big issue is that of Wydra’s very obvious Polish accent. An accent she didn’t even try to hide. I admit there were times when my attention strayed, but I’m fairly certain her character did not spend her formative years learning English in Poland. 

I also had a huge problem with the two characters not being remotely aware of each other, especially since they were the same age. It’s not as if they were in a large urban area. I went to school in a small town and was aware of everyone, even if I wasn’t friends with them, especially boys. 

Conceptually, After was interesting, but a vegetable could figure out the twist five minutes in. Technically there are two twists; the first being super obvious and the second, less obvious, but predictable. I’m also not on board with the title. If you’re going to go with a one word title, it probably should be something a little less vague. You’re not JAWS so I will need you to swim up and bite me in the ass if you want me to like you.

Overall, this is simply a slow-moving love story with a touch of supernatural thriller in it. It’s not horrible, but it suffers from cheesy special effects and underdeveloped characters.

After is on Netflix streaming if you have nothing better to do.

Supernatural Honey Review: 2.5 invisible coma patients out of 5

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