The Horror Honeys: Horror TV Tuesday Jam ~ 'Seven Wonders'

Horror TV Tuesday Jam ~ 'Seven Wonders'

But if our paths never cross
Well you know I'm sorry but
If I live to see the seven wonders
I'll make a path to the rainbow's end
I'll never live to match the beauty again
The rainbow's end

Ahhh, American Horror Story. Do you remember a time when it was consistently amazing? Yeah, it's getting more difficult for me too. Asylum was mostly terrible, I stopped watching Freak Show, and Coven ruined the whole works with a terrible ending. But the one thing I will cling to when I try to remember what I liked about Coven were the cameos from the Wiccan wonder that is Stevie Nicks. Her first appearance made total sense, and her second was absolutely random filler made up of her floating around the school and singing Fleetwood Mac's 1987 track, "Seven Wonders." But, as long as Stevie is singing, I am willing to overlook Ryan Murphy's metaphor sledgehammer nonsense to revisit... just those two scenes. Nothing else. #sorrynotsorry

Here is the original video for "Seven Wonders" instead. ~RH