The Horror Honeys: Horror TV for Honeys in Training!

Horror TV for Honeys in Training!

A Revenge Honey "Teach Your Children Well" List by Linnie

While most of the Honeys grew up on horror films, more than a few of us were avid watchers of horror television. For your Revenge Honey, horror cartoons and TV shows were kind of my life as a kid. If there was a spooky TV series on television in the late 80s or early 90s, you couldn't keep me from watching it (and thank goodness, my parents didn't try). From Goosebumps to Tales from the Crypt, and the occasional Twilight Zone when I was lucky enough to catch a re-run, I consumed horror television the way other kids consumed Disney films.

The following, however, are five of my favorite horror TV shows from when I was wee, and most I still re-watch regularly today! And don't miss an honorable mention at the end that is far more creepy than you probably remember...

Eerie, Indiana (1991-1992)

Between Hocus Pocus and Eerie, Indiana, I was insanely in love with Omri Katz. But I like to think that Eerie, Indiana was my intro to more adult "small town insanity" fare like Twin Peaks and American Gothic. When Marshall Teller and his family movie to Eerie, Marshall discovers that the town is "the center of weirdness for the universe." Crazy moms keep their kids in tupperware, Elvis is the friendly neighbor, and ATMs just want to be your friend. If you didn't catch this brilliant homage to classic sci-fi television when it was on, many episodes of which were directed by Joe Dante, get the DVD set today!

The Real Ghostbusters (1986-1991)

I can't say that I consider the Ghostbusters films an essential part of my childhood, but the The Real Ghostbusters cartoon? Now THAT is a different story. My cousin and I used to watch this animated series (that picked up directly after the film) together every week. We had all the toys, and we'd make our parents record the episodes so we could watch them over and over again. And Slimer was far more of an affable fellow, so that alone was a win. Don't let yourself get swept up in the Ghostbusters vs. Ghostbusters nonsense; just watch the cartoon instead.

Courage the Cowardly Dog (1999-2002)

I was a little bit older when Courage the Cowardly Dog premiered on Cartoon Network, but that was perfect, because the show was twisted enough to satisfy horror-loving kids of all ages. Set in the literal Middle of Nowhere... Kansas... Courage is doomed to perpetually protect his people, Muriel and Eustace, from an onslaught of demons and aliens and all manner of hideous creatures. Despite some late-in-the-series missteps, Courage is a wonderful entry to the world of horror for wee little honey bees.

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (1994-1997)

Before there was Monsters, Inc., there was Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm are three monsters just trying to succeed at learning how to scare the shit out of little kids. While we never got the movie we were promised, the legacy of Real Monsters lives on in the darker cartoons kids are treated to these days. And maybe one day, someone will be brave enough to bring those three disgustingly adorable (and sometimes just disgusting) monsters back to life.

Beetlejuice (1989-1991)

When I was still trapped in a traditional schooling atmosphere (I was mostly home-schooled, and for some kids, it works), the best part of my day was getting home from my bullshit elementary school just in time to catch the Beetlejuice cartoon. I was Burton-maniac from way back, so getting to see Beetlejuice and Lydia as buds in animated form made me happier than anything else in the world. Just like the film, Beetlejuice in cartoon form was sick and disturbed, but unlike the film, he was a friend Lydia could count on. Also, to this day... I still want Lydia's red web shawl. One day, Linnie. One day.

Honorable Mention: Animaniacs (1993-1998)

Steven Spielberg's Animaniacs isn't a horror cartoon in an traditional sense, but MAN was it fucked up. Outside of being full of pop culture references that most kids wouldn't understand, Animaniacs was chock-full of sexual innuendo that wouldn't make sense until you were an adult. I think two words (and the following montage) should sum it up nicely...

Finger Prince.

What was YOUR favorite horror TV show as a kid?
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