The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ There Be Monsters & Ghosts... RIGHT BEHIND YOU!

Honey Buzz ~ There Be Monsters & Ghosts... RIGHT BEHIND YOU!

Is your idea of a gaming good time to have the ever-loving shit scared out of you? Are Evil Within and Alien Isolation baby's games for your thrill-seeking self? Then the currently-funding Night Terrors might be the game for you... and it's going to make you run screaming for your mommy. 

Because the monsters and demons and ghosts? Night Terrors unleashes them in your home.

Using all of your smartphone's ample technology against you, Night Terrors maps out your entire house to throw you headlong into an entirely immersive horror gaming experience. When you turn a corner? The ghosts are waiting. Did that picture on your wall REALLY just fall? And why is that little girl screaming for your help? Night Terrors is going to drag you kicking and screaming into a world that you never knew you wanted to be a part of... and you may regret it when you're staring down a demon in your living room.

Watch the Night Terrors trailer below and then check out the game's IGG page! A few of the Honeys have already donated. But whether or not they actually play the game?

That remains to be seen.