The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ New Posters for Terminator Genisys

Honey Buzz ~ New Posters for Terminator Genisys

We've been following the genesis (how it's actually spelled) of Terminator: Genisys (how not to spell it) since it's emergence back in the late fall/winter of 2014, and while I'm personally extremely uninterested in this latest instalment in the Skynet Bad series, I know a lot of people are shitting their pants about it.

As the July 1st release date draws closer, it's getting towards the time where studios start to spoil their own films, and if you're paying attention, you basically don't even have to see the movie anymore.

That being said, some new character posters have been released featuring the main characters in all their black leather-clad glory.

One thing I will say for these posters and trailers, it's nice to see that the only actor being objectified is Jai Courtney, but I can only assume it's because he's not good for much else. Sorry not sorry, bruh.

Check that feminine pose... we get to see his ass AND his pecs.
Still stupid isn't it? Yeah.

Sorry about that photoshop, but you've got a great rack now, Khaleesi.
Also - what the fuck are you looking at, girl? Eye contact!

Overly photoshopped Arnold, anyone?

This is still badass, but I miss T2000 
Not even the studio seems to give a fuck about this spoiler...
Therefore, I don't either.

SO... What's next on the docket for Terminator? There are a few weeks left of promo, so maybe we'll get one more trailer or a clip to give more of the film away... I really didn't want to see it anyway.

Terminator Genisys hits theatres on July 1st.