The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Indie Film 'Ayla' to Launch Kickstarter

Honey Buzz ~ Indie Film 'Ayla' to Launch Kickstarter

Coming soon from director Elias (Gut - reviewed by Horror TV Honey Lisa here) and The October People (The Invoking, The Device, Valley of the Sasquatch, also reviewed at the Honeys): Ayla, a supernatural horror film starring Tristan Risk and Nicholas Wilder, and along with the release of the film's teaser poster comes the news of Kickstarter launch!

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Starring Risk as the title character, production is planned to begin on Ayla in the fall. Written by The October People's Matt Medisch, Jeremy Berg, and John Portanova:

The unexplained death of Elton's 4-year-old sister Ayla has left him lost and damaged since he was a boy. All throughout adulthood he's mourned the life with her that could have been.

Born from his need, Elton turns what lived only in mind to flesh and blood once more, a child now reborn with the body of a woman -- obsession become flesh. Her name is Ayla, but they used to call her "A."

The Kickstarter for Ayla is launching on June 9, so keep an eye on their official Twitter account, as well as their website,, for news!