The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ 'Hungry Hearts' Proves Family is Terrifying

Honey Buzz ~ 'Hungry Hearts' Proves Family is Terrifying

On June 5, Adam Driver and Alba Rohrwacher will prove that having a baby is terrifying. However, their film Hungry Hearts is taking the sheer terror that comes from keeping a tiny human alive and upping the ante by making one of the parents a crazy, anti-social, agoraphobic germ freak who is turning their infant into the "boy in the apartment bubble." 

Yup. Terrifying.

Hungry Hearts, which already won multiple awards at the Venice Film Festival, is a subtle take on suburban horror, approaching the classic genre through the lens of hipster organic living. In Saverio Constanzo's film, Driver and Rohrwacher's relationship falls apart upon the arrival of their first child, when Rohrwacher goes to extreme lengths to keep their son pure, and safe from the dangers she perceives in the outside world.

Hungry Hearts will open to a limited theatrical run and VOD on June 5, and personally, I can't wait to see this one. Driver is sweeping the indie scene before his role in Star Wars: The Force Awakes at the end of the year, and suburban horror is one of my favorite genres.

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