The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Does Marcus Nispel FINALLY Have an Original Idea?

Honey Buzz ~ Does Marcus Nispel FINALLY Have an Original Idea?

I think we all inherently know that the ocean is a terrifying place. And yet, it's been a solid decade since anyone has made a truly frightening (or original) film set on the big blue. But now, writer/director Marcus Nispel (the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, the Friday the 13th remake, the Conan the Barbarian... remake), plans to FINALLY bring us a horror film set on the ocean that will scare the life out of us.

But hey! Either way: at least it's not a remake.

Conveniently, he already looks like he's been on a boat for a year.

According to Nispel, his latest film, titled Stowaway, is intended to create a new franchise based around the first R-rated monster film to hit theaters in quite some time. Meant to "reinvent claustrophobic and maritime horror," Nispel clearly has high aspirations for Stowaway. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the plot of Stowaway is as follows:

"A newly engaged woman hits the high seas with the seemingly perfect family into which she is marrying. Things go south then she discovers that at the bottom of the ocean lies a family secret which is about to tear everyone apart, emotionally and ultimately physically. It is based on a Nordic myth of a seaborne-humanoid avenging creature."

We're going to go ahead and file this buzz under: cautiously optimistic.

How do you feel about Stowaway?
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