The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ 28 Months Later, Yes, Please and Thank you

Honey Buzz ~ 28 Months Later, Yes, Please and Thank you

Zombie Buzz from Zombie Honey Bella

If you’re unawares of who Alex Garland is, you should start paying attention. On the heels of his directorial debut, Ex Machina, it appears he can do no wrong. But, before he was behind the camera, he was behind the words. The Beach and The Tesseract are novels by Garland, both turned into movies. And if you aren’t familiar with either of those - maybe you know about a little film, 28 Days Later? Garland wrote the screenplay for 28 Days Later, and his treatment + Danny Boyle’s direction makes for a perfect movie - in my opinion. 

What isn’t opinion, but pretty well-known fact, is that Garland is not a fan of sequels. Which most of us can appreciate - despite wanting more of something we love. Although tangentially involved with a sequel to 28 Days Later already, 28 Weeks Later, Garland was hardly more than a producer credit. And, with rumors about a sequel to the sequel swirling around the ether for quite a while I, for one, had all but given up on more 28 anything. 

Until just recently.

Garland has confirmed that a third (and likely *fingers crossed* final) 28 film is in the works. And, this time - while still only peripherally involved - it will be Garland’s story idea fueling the cautious rumor that it will be named 28 Months Later. Did you just take that journey with me? I sure hope so, because I’m already popping my popcorn. 

While Garland has been pretty tight-lipped about any details, he has said he won’t actually be working on this movie beyond the story concept. What we do know is that Andrew McDonald, producer, will be taking the reins and making things happen. There is no director or timetable connected with this film as of yet, but I’ll be paying close attention for updates.

(Source: IndieWire)