The Horror Honeys: Has YOUR Favorite Horror TV Show Survived the Ax?

Has YOUR Favorite Horror TV Show Survived the Ax?

Horror TV Honey Lisa isn't the only TV Baby at the Horror Honeys. Your Revenge Honey also grew up on a steady diet of unfiltered television, with hours spent in front the old boob tube. This obsession with TV as a kid has lead to a certain excitement around this time of year: Network Upfronts! Yes kids, during the spring months every year, networks begin to decide which shows they intend to save for the upcoming season, and which are getting the boot.

Since most of you aren't as, um, focused on television as Lisa and me, I have scoured the net to find the most comprehensive lists of the fates of your favorite horror television shows. Did YOUR favorite survive Upfronts? Check the alphabetized list below! And to all you other TV Babies...


12 Monkeys (SyFy): Renewed for Season Two, the network's adaption of Terry Gilliam's film built a solid fan base with engaging story and well-rounded (though distinct from the film) characters.

The 100 (CW): One of many teen-oriented sci-fi shows on the network, The 100 survived the cut, but from what I heard, getting a Season Two was a close a call.

American Horror Story (FX): We've known the show was renewed Season Five since precisely two seconds into Season Four. The only real question is how long into THIS season before hints get dropped about Season Six.

Constantine (NBC): Cancelled, but odds are looking favorable for the one-off series that it might find a second life on another network.

Continuum (SyFy): Renewed, but the 4th season of the futuristic cop show will be its last.

Defiance (SyFy): Renewed for a Season Three premiere in Summer of 2015, but this was a shoe-in given the comic book and game tie-in.

Doctor Who (BBC America): Renewed for Season 9... duh.

Dominion (SyFy): This spin-off of the biblically-themed film Legion was renewed for a second season, though I don't know anyone who watches it. But hey, Anthony Stewart Head!

Extant (CBS): Renewed for Season Two of the sci-fi show starring Halle Berry, which starts on July 1st, though once again, I don't know many people that kept with this one. Not sure it will continue beyond this summer season.

Falling Skies (TNT): Renewed for 5th and final season to wrap up this Spielberg-produced invasion series.

Fargo (FX): Renewed for a prequel Season Two which premieres in the Fall. A Third Season is all but guaranteed given the show's ample awards attention.

The Following (Fox): Cancelled, but this sucker has been running on steam since Season Two. Sorry K-Bac, get that sweet tush back to film.

Forever (ABC): Cancelled, and this oddly flat immortality-themed police procedural was probably lucky to have gotten the full-season pick-up that it did.

Game of Thrones (HBO): Renewed for Season Six... also, duh.

Love you.

Grimm (NBC): Renewed for Season 5, and seeing as this modern fairy tale/cop show survived a shaky first few seasons against all odds, it's likely not going anywhere now that it has a vocal fan base.

Hannibal (NBC): Season Three premieres June 4, and if it doesn't get renewed for Season Four, I will burn something down.

Helix (SyFy): Cancelled... I guess SyFy decided they had one too many Sci-Fi shows on their Sci-Fi network. MORE TIME FOR WRESTLING!

Hemlock Grove (Netflix): Renewed for a third and final season... Thank Christ.

In the Flesh (BBC America): Cancelled. I guess there IS such a thing as too many zombies.

iZombie (CW): Renewed... spoke too soon.

The Leftovers (HBO): Renewed for Season Two, but no word on when it will air.

Everyone hated you & now you're dead. If only life worked that way...

The Messengers (CW): Cancelled. I forgot this show was a thing. I guess everyone else did too.

Orphan Black (BBC America): Renewed for Season Four... MORE CLONES!

The Returned (Sundance): Renewed for a second season in its native France, so Sundance will likely air the series soon after.

Secrets & Lies (ABC): Renewed for Season Two, though how many more secrets and lies can these people possibly be hiding? Cripes, get a hobby.

Sleepy Hollow (Fox): Renewed for Season Three, sans Katrina and under the control of a new show runner. Did I mention Katrina is gone?

The Strain (FX): Renewed for Season Two... No word yet whether Corey Stoll's hairpiece has signed on to reappear.

Here's hoping Hair Piece took a new role on TV Land.

Supernatural (CW): Renewed for Season ELEVEN. Obviously this show is never going anywhere. Ever.

Teen Wolf (MTV): Renewed for Season Five, this time with even more wolf-y-ness. (I'm spitballing, I know nothing about this show).

Under the Dome (CBS): Season Three premieres in June, but a fourth season beyond that is fairly unlikely.

The Vampire Diaries (CW): Renewed for Season 7. This show is about as immortal as its main characters.

The Walking Dead (AMC): Renewed for Season 6, as if there was any question.

Z Nation (SyFy): Renewed for a Second Season, but uh... no idea why.

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