The Horror Honeys: A Fierceness That Can Not Be Tamed...

A Fierceness That Can Not Be Tamed...

She scares me. I crave her.
A Revenge Honey "Badass Females" List by Linnie

Every so often, the Honeys like to stop and take stock of our favorite badass women in the horror world. We celebrate the actresses with our Scream Queen Hall of Fame and our Fierce Femme Fatales Hall of Fame, but we also like to draw attention to a few of our favorite lady characters, both past and present. This week, I decided to compile a few of my more recent favorites: a collection of women from all across the horror spectrum that just make my black heart skip a beat.

Some may be blood-suckers, other may be gnome-stickers, but they are all truly badass bitches.

Eve (Tilda Swinton) in Only Lovers Left Alive
For a very long time, I was terrified of Tilda Swinton. It wasn't until I grew a little bit older, and wiser, that I realized her androgyny and total lack of patience with gender norms were part of what make her one of the most badass women in Hollywood. But the absolute apex of my love for her occurred when I saw Jim Jarmusch's Only Lovers Left Alive. Tilda and Tom Hiddleston as ageless vampire lovers, wrapped in a gossamer blanket of pure adoration and eternal knowledge, tangled in one ceaseless circle of glorious androgyny?

Heteroflexible sploosh. The vampire bar has been set high for me, and Tilda Swinton is the one gracefully dancing across it.

Utterly beautiful perfection.

Nadine (Karen Lancaume) and Manu (RaffaĆ«la Anderson) in 
For better or worse, Baise Moi is the film by which I measure almost every other revenge film. Grounded in a shocking criminal reality and presented with ceaseless violence, Baise Moi is anchored by heartbreaking performances from Lancaume and Anderson as Nadine and Manu: two women fed up with the bullshit society keeps feeding them. As they cut a swath of rage-fueled mania across France, fucking and/or murdering any man who gets in their way, the only thing holding them together is their affection for one another, a friendship so bonded and so inexplicable on the surface, that only another woman could truly understand it. 

Baise Moi is a movie that is almost impossible to watch, but Lancaume and Anderson are exactly why you should watch it.

Never be rude to a woman. You don't know what kind of heat she's packing.

Jenny (Kelly Reilly) in Eden Lake
It's okay. You can admit that you probably turned on Eden Lake to see Michael Fassbender in one of his few truly horror performances. But stay for the devastating and achingly real portrait of a woman driven to her limits from the delicately beautiful Reilly. From a narrative standpoint, Eden Lake is nothing terribly original: a couple of pretty people go on a vacation to a pretty place, only to be tormented by a group of shitbag kids. There are some interesting twists and turns, and Fassbender is, well, Fassbender, but what truly sets Eden Lake apart is Reilly. Just when you think she's about to go the way of a million horror blondes before her, she steps up. She fights back. And while we may not get the ending we want, Reilly makes the ride worth it.

That is the face of a woman who is over your shit.

Anna (Maika Monroe) in The Guest
I've been vocal about the fact that I didn't love It Follows, and I think part of the reason for that is I fell so desperately in love with Maika Monroe in The Guest, that I wanted more of THAT woman. Headstrong, impatient, tough, and probably the most mentally on point person in her family, Monroe's Anna is anything but a typical horror final girl. Even when it seems like her ordinary life has crashed down around her, she perseveres to protect her brother in the face of the assassin version of a heat-seeking missile. 

But most impressive of all? She not only withstood the advances of Dan Stevens' "David," but she saw right through his bullshit. How many of us could say we would have managed the same?

Not me. I admit it.

Apple (Laurence Leboeuf) in Turbo Kid
Within 20 minutes of Canadian/Kiwi post-apocalyptic adventure Turbo Kid, it wasn't Turbo Kid I was in love with, but his aggressively cheerful protector Apple, and her gnomestick of death. With cotton candy pink hair and an optimism that the majority of us couldn't muster on our best day, Laurence Lebouef's Apple is potentially the sweetest and most badass character I've seen in a movie in years. Like the perfect candy-coated mixture of Luna Lovegood and Furiosa, Apple will wiggle her way into your heart.

And you will definitely want your own gnomestick.

Seriously. I'd love to be this happy about anything.

Who is YOUR favorite recent badass bitch of horror?
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