The Horror Honeys: Zombies? There’s an App for That

Zombies? There’s an App for That

Zombie Buzz from The Zombie Honey! - by Bella

There is no shortage of inane apps for any smartphone these days. Most of them are redundant, a lot of them are unnecessary and some of them are just down-right ridiculous. If you were on the hunt for an app that makes you feel like you’re the sole survivor of an onslaught of undead overlords, well, there’s IS an app for that too: Corridor Z.

The premise? Run away from the zombies and “swipe-to-survive” in an unending corridor to block, kill and distract the zombies from killing/infecting you. Simple enough. Corridor Z will be available April 2, 2015 and is free to play with purchase upgrades available. 

PS - If this isn’t enough for you, there’s a Shotgun app that may be right up your alley - you know - for practicing those zombie head shots. 

Corridor Z is available TODAY - did you try it out??