The Horror Honeys: Work Hard, Zombie Harder

Work Hard, Zombie Harder

A Zombie Honey Game Preview by Bella

If you’re one of those people (like me) that sit at a desk for 8, 10, 12, 14 hours a day, you probably get yelled at a lot by doctors for not moving as much as you should. Unlike me, you probably also get yelled at by bosses, coworkers, and general nosey Nancy’s to get up, get moving, but quickly get back to work. You know what, fuck you Nancy.

Hey, is that Nancy from accounting?

Wow. That escalated quickly, and do you know why? Because Nancy is a zombie and it’s your job to avoid her - WHILE doing your job. At least that’s part of the gaming experience of A Step Ahead: Zombies. You see, after (probably) millions of dollars in research, companies have figured out that keeping their employees happy and healthy and, generally, mobile is - as it turns out - mutually beneficial. With this new found knowledge, and a keen finger in the pie of the zombie zeitgeist, a step program for desk workers was developed to keep them - you guessed it - happy and healthy and, generally, mobile.

Can the safe house be the break room?
You’re usually a cubicle zombie, coming to work, doing your thing, and going home. Sedentary. This makes those aforementioned doctors yell at you, which makes you not want to work, which makes those, again aforementioned, bosses yell at you. BUT ASA: Zombies remedies this by allowing you to move within your workplace, as a team, monitored by your bosses, and in a fun way. ASA: Zombies is a step program (an app that tracks the steps you take throughout the day) that can be played by/with your coworkers. You choose your character and begin to outrun the zombies. The number of steps you take in a day determines the speed of the zombie horde. If you fall behind, you become a zombie - which, would generally be a bad thing - but here, the goal is to keep moving, so you continue tracking your steps as you zombily stalk your coworkers.

ASA: Zombies does even more than just get you up and moving with nifty graphics and game-play action. It also gives you the opportunity to track your diet, chat with coworkers, socialize with bosses, and generally be more involved in your work community. There are built in rewards and incentives set by the team leaders, and reaching new step goals not only keeps you “alive”, but unlocks progressive story lines - thereby keeping you mobile and interactive. Even if you do become one of the undead.

I actually think it’s pretty damn innovative, and if I worked in an office environment with a bunch of other cubicle zombies, I would play this. I would sit on my ass for days and become a zombie and eat all their brains - but that’s still playing the game - and I bet I would reach my step goal in no time.

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