The Horror Honeys: Undead Thursday Jam ~ "They Are Night Zombies!!"

Undead Thursday Jam ~ "They Are Night Zombies!!"

Speaking their names, they shake the flag
Waking the earth, it lifts and lags
We see a thousand rooms to rest
Helping us taste the bite of death
I know, I know my time has passed
I'm not so young, I'm not so fast
I tremble with the nervous thought
Of having been, at last, forgot

Because this is a song from ultra-indie singer/songwriter Sufjan Stevens, the actual title of the track is, "They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From The Dead!! Ahhhh!" Normally you only find song titles that loquacious from Fiona Apple, but at least it's honest. Set in a zombie apocalypse happening in Illinois (Sufjan's beloved home state), "They are Night Zombies!!," is written from a zombie's point of view. As they amble from place to place, they take stock of their new environment, and count some pretty well-known historical figures among their ranks. Sure, the zombies in Stevens' world may be a little hipster-ish, but that gives survivers an opportunity to play a fun new game...

Hipster or zombie?!? ~ RH