The Horror Honeys: Spooky Kids Saturday Jam ~ 'Ice Dance'

Spooky Kids Saturday Jam ~ 'Ice Dance'

If you grew up like most of the Honeys, a lot of your childhood memories are probably tied to the music of Danny Elfman. For me, one of my earliest memories is of hearing the gorgeous strains of "Ice Dance" swell to their apex as Kim danced in the snow made by Edward Scissorhands as he crafted an ice angel for her. Edward Scissorhands is the first movie that I can actively remember making me cry. To this day, I have to taper my viewings of (I believe) Burton's best film, because I am always an emotional train wreck when it is over. Even "Ice Dance" circling around one of my playlists will cause me to tear up.

And all apologies to our Slasher Honey Chassity... but I still don't trust Anthony Michael Hall. ~RH