The Horror Honeys: Spooky Kids Saturday Creature Feature with Suzanne!

Spooky Kids Saturday Creature Feature with Suzanne!

The Legacy (1978)

I’m not entirely sure if The Legacy qualifies as a “creature” feature, but it’s about witchcraft, it’s got a shapeshifting nurse/cat, and it scared the beejeezus out of me as a kid so we’re going with it.

Interior designer, Maggie Walsh (Katharine Ross), is summoned to England for a potential client. Although she knows nothing about the job, she accepts it with a $50,000 advance. Her boyfriend and business partner, Pete Danner (Sam Elliott), is skeptical, but decides to accompany her. On their way to see the client, their motorcycle is struck by a car on a country road. As it happens, the guy in the car is, none other than, the man who hired her, Jason Mountolive (John Standing). Funny how that happens.

Five others arrive at the Mountolive estate, Ravenhurst. Maggie is informed the gathering is due to the poor health of Jason and one of them will inherit his estate and his power. Jason, now a shriveled monster and not the vibrant man she met the day before, gives Maggie a ring which all the other guests wear. The guests, all of whom are wealthy and famous, some infamous, owe their careers to Mountolive, but, as Maggie and Pete will discover, that success is a result of witchcraft. The guests begin to die in inexplicable, horrific ways. Will Maggie be next? What is her importance in the grand scheme of things? All will be revealed!

That is some fabulous 70s chest hair.
I just revisited The Legacy and I still really enjoyed it. It’s desperately 70s, but that happens to be a decade in which some really terrific, as well as terrifically awful, horror films were made. 

What the... what??
The deaths, while nothing over the top or original, even by 70s standards are well done. One of them, a drowning in a swimming pool, has stayed with me since childhood, and that scene, along with Jaws, are two of the reasons I’m terrified of water. Another guest is roasted alive, then fed to the dogs. Gruesome. There is also a chicken bone choking, an exploding mirror and a backfiring gun, all with bloody, disastrous results.

The Legacy is also full of kittehs and why not? Cats are the most familiar of familiars. Jason’s nurse, Adams (Margaret Tyzack), isn’t just a nurse. With her blue and green lens glasses, she frequently disappears, leaving only a white cat with blue and green eyes. 

That is one snazzy familiar.
Also fortunate, the performances are more than adequate for a movie of this caliber. Sam Elliott does what he was born to do and that’s to be sexy. There is a bare butt shot I totally forgot about, but it made me say, “Oooooh,” out loud to no one. Obviously, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen one…

Fun fact ~ Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross met on the set of this film and would eventually marry in 1984. This would be Ross’ fifth marriage, Elliott’s first. They have been married for 31 years. THAT, my friends, is the power of Sam Elliott. Where can I get one? Seriously.

The Legacy is available on DVD at!

No idea what is going on here. But it is awesome.

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