The Horror Honeys: Sci-Friday Jam - 'Flagpole Sitta'

Sci-Friday Jam - 'Flagpole Sitta'

Been around the world and found
That only stupid people are breeding
The cretins cloning and feeding
And I don't even own a TV
Put me in the hospital for nerves
And then they had to commit me
You told them all I was crazy
They cut off my legs, now I'm an amputee, god damn you
I'm not sick but I'm not well
And I'm so hot 'cause I'm in Hell

Disturbing Behavior, the Stepford-high school student film from 1998, is kind of... meh. It doesn't really hold up with time and that's mostly because it's distinctly late 90s. However, there is no question that this movie maintains a bit of nostalgia for those of us who were starting high school the year it came out. It was loaded with crush-worthy eye candy (HELLO Honey-fav Ethan Embry!) and who couldn't relate with that feeling of being less-than-perfect in a world full of cookie-cutter sameness? But, the one element of this movie that will always be amazing is the alt-rock soundtrack. Specifically, Harvey Danger's "Flagpole Sitta," an anthem of outsiderness that blasted through a pivotal film moment of rebellion. I'm not going to lie. To this day, when that song comes on the radio, I roll the windows down, turn the volume up, and remember what it was like to be in high school. And terrified of being a pod person. ~RH