The Horror Honeys: Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'Reflection'

Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'Reflection'

As the Revenge Honey, I spend an inordinate amount of time researching stories about classic "female villains" to try and discern for myself whether they truly are as evil as time as made them out to be. Whether it's Lilith or Delilah, I've often found that history chose to demonize the women of biblical or classical mythology rather than place any blame on men. However, no one woman was more vilified by centuries of storytelling than mythological Greek Gorgon, Medusa. 

And kids, your horror cartoon for today is the only representation of poor Medusa that I've ever seen get her story remotely right.

Medusa's Story: In Ovid's telling of Medusa's story, it was said that Medusa was once the most beautiful woman in all the world. While she was admired by many suitors and soldiers, it was Poseidon who raped her in his wife Athena's temple. When Medusa went to Athena for help, Athena became enraged at Medusa, and turned her hair into venomous serpents, and her face into one so hideous, it turned all who looked upon it into stone. Everyone agreed that Medusa's punishment was just.

So let us just take a step back. Medusa was raped. She went to her rapist's wife for help. Who then victim blamed the shit out of her and turned her into a monster. Then all of Greece said, yup. Bitch had it coming...

Every single Greek God was a wang.

With time, people have finally begun to understand Medusa was treated unfairly, and many have embraced her as a heroine. But that hasn't stopped popular culture from continuing to perpetuate the myth of the evil and murderous Medusa. So when I discovered today's Horror Cartoon, Reflection, it was like a breath of very beautiful, very sad fresh air. Medusa may not get a happy ending in this cartoon, but at least someone finally saw her for the tragic figure she truly was. So thank you, Patricia Satjawatcharaphong, for creating this lovely piece.

And for the record, the PS to Medusa's story? She was exiled, hunted down, and murdered by a demi-god immediately after giving birth to twins, who were then sacrificed to the same goddess who cursed her to begin with. Seriously. All Greek gods were assholes.