The Horror Honeys: Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'Behind Closed Doors'

Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'Behind Closed Doors'

Pretty much every little kid was afraid of monsters in their closet at one point or another. But what is a little boy to do when there is a monster in his closet and a monster in charge of his home? That is the story that inspires Jonathan Button's Behind Closed Doors and this is a horror cartoon that will linger with you long after the closing shot.

As soon as Behind Closed Doors begins, we meet little Gregory, and experience his lonely dread along with him. Are those horrible noises coming from his closet? Or somewhere else in the house? As the film presses on, the lines between fantasy and reality blur, and we discover Gregory has more than one monster in his life. But which one is the most dangerous? For a five minute short, Behind Closed Doors raises some truly deep questions about child abuse, trauma to children's psyche, and just how capable kids are of recovering from terrible experiences. 

Prepare yourself for a really effective horror cartoon, because this one is a doozy, kids.

Jonathan Button