The Horror Honeys: Ojuju, Not Bad JuJu

Ojuju, Not Bad JuJu

White washing everything sucks - especially in movies. It gets boring and often it’s really fucking inaccurate (not that accuracy has too much to do with Zombie films). So, I’m happy that I stumbled across the New Voices in Black Cinema Festival to find this little Nigerian zombie flick: Ojuju. Can we all just flail together that here is a Nigerian zombie film (that doesn’t involve voodoo), written by, directed by, and starring ALL Nigerians? I’m flailing.


Ojuju tells the tale of a group of survivors fighting their way out of a neighborhood when the water supply is contaminated and the infected are turning to zombies. The film won Best Nigerian Movie at the 4th Africa International Film Festival, and by the looks of the trailer, rightfully so. It’s a bit gritty and a bit low-budget, but I think some zombie films look good that way. Plus, the lead character’s name, Romero, is a very heavy nod to the zombie undeadfather: George.