The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ WE WANT COOTIES


On the list of places I wish I was right meow, is the Stanley Film Festival. We squee'd over the lineup when it was announced last week (check it out HERE), and on its opening night, SpectreVision's COOTIES - a film we've been waiting on for what LITERALLY feel like forever - has released a new poster and it's totally adorable. It also reminds me a little bit of the opening credits for ABC's of Death 2...

What it is: From the creators of Saw and Glee (bet you never thought you'd see those two titles in the same place at the same time), the new horror comedy about a group of misfit teachers who must defend themselves against a zombie epidemic amongst their elementary school students. 

Small sidebar: Now that I know this is a zombie horror comedy... I'm actually less enthused about it. Why couldn't this just be a regular old body horror comedy? Cooties are gross and children carry some of the most vile diseases on the planet - where is my horror comedy that's actually a social commentary on the anti-vaxing movement??? *stomps feet*

COOTIES will be infecting select theaters & VOD on September 18th and opens the Stanley Film Festival tonight!