The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ UPDATED - Blade Runner 2 News!

Honey Buzz ~ UPDATED - Blade Runner 2 News!

UPDATED 04/16/15:

We've been listening to Ridley Scott for a few months as he's been talking about the sequel to Blade Runner, which he's pretty stoked about even though is pretty much not remotely involved (PHEW)... Harrison Ford says it's the best script he's ever read, which makes me laugh in an unflattering manner. Ford is returning to the film as Rick Deckard and a director has also been secured... making this unnecessary sequel (as if there are any other kind) a possibly, maybe real thing in the same vein as The Crow reboot being a 'really real thing' is at this point. Prisoners (check out the Revenge Honey's RARE 5-star review heredirector Denis Villeneuve has been signed on to direct, which isn't awful. At least he knows genre and isn't some prat with two short films to his name.

In updated casting news, Deadline is reporting that Ryan Gosling is now in talks to star alongside Harrison Ford... what does that mean? That I'm actually just a little bit MORE annoyed at this sequel being made than I was yesterday. Deadline also says that Gosling's addition to the cast adds "a certain cool element" which I personally think is the biggest most hilarious lie I've read on the internet today.

Blade Runner 2 is scheduled to start principle photography next summer (2016). The sequel will take place several decades after the conclusion of the original film, which (for those not up on their shit) followed a man (Ford) working as a "blade runner" tasked with chasing down humanoid machines called replicants. The sequel will reportedly be like the Search for Spock... but searching for Deckard, who is living off the grid, presumably in a harem-style nest of replicants. Wait, I'd watch that... hmm. 

I don't know if I TOTALLY OMG LOVE or find it completely awkward that aging genre stars are returning to their filmography roots for sequels and reboots... A nostalgic part of me loves seeing Arnold use and re-use and re-re use the same old lines, and then there's another part of me that screams internally in frustration. 

While I'm a HUGE fan of Blade Runner, I don't know how thrilled I am about a sequel... what do YOU think?