The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ 'Suspiria' is Coming to TV... But Not Like You Think.

Honey Buzz ~ 'Suspiria' is Coming to TV... But Not Like You Think.

People have been positively giddy on the social medias today over the news that Dario Argento's giallo masterpiece Suspiria is coming to television. But hold those happy horses, Argento fans, because it seems like everyone got so excited, nobody bothered to read past the headline.

First of all, the Suspiria television series is being filmed in English, but it's coming out of Italy and France, and is only in EARLY development. It's going to be a while before we see ANYTHING. Second, the TV series is based on Suspiria de Profundis by Thomas de Quincey, the novel that inspired Argento's first and loosely inspired the two films that followed. This means that the show is going to differ drastically from Suspiria the film. In fact, the show will feature a character based on de Quincey who is styled as a modern-ish, evil-hunting Sherlock Holmes.  

Finally, Argento is on board, but only as an "artistic consultant." This isn't a terribly specific credit and could mean anything from Argento spending the entire filming schedule on the set to the script-writer calling Argento on the phone once while he was writing the pilot episode. 

So yes, Suspiria the show could be great fun, but everyone needs to cool their jets just a little bit. ~ Revenge Honey

(Source: /Film)