The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ The 'Scream: TV Series' Trailer is... Meh.

Honey Buzz ~ The 'Scream: TV Series' Trailer is... Meh.

This morning, I woke up to some news about Scream: The TV Series. As a fan of the films since I was ten years old, needless to say I was excited to check out the trailer, which apparently was released on Sunday night, and I missed it. 

It never occurred to me to think it odd that I somehow missed this news. Or that maybe it was bad sign that nobody I communicate with on social media was even talking about it. 

It never occurred to me, that is, until after I watched the trailer and realized there was definitely a reason for the silence on what should have been, and could have been, great news for the horror community. 

I’m not exaggerating when I say that, after I started watching the trailer, I had to double check to make sure I hadn’t clicked on the wrong link. Sadly, I hadn’t. 

And by the time it was over? Let’s just say I’m not a very happy Slasher Honey at the moment.
I don’t understand how, in an industry that it so hard to get into, people who’ve become so successful can turn their backs on what made their product so successful in the first place. Ask anyone who loves or loved Scream in the 90s and they’ll tell you that what they loved about it is that it wasn’t like other slashers: it was smart, and it was funny without being a total parody of the genre. 

Head in a hot tub... original.
This TV series? It seems like the very thing that made the original film (and the first and last sequel) what they were, is pretty much non-existent. Sure, there’s an attempt at the witty deconstruction of horror movies that made the first film such a stand-out, but it might as well not have been there. It felt forced, like a younger sibling trying copy an older sibling.

I fail to see where the horror is in this TV series. It doesn’t even feel like it’s slasher-related. In fact, at best it seems like a creepy teen drama on the CW. 

And that is what has made me officially angry with this. I’ve always been lenient when it comes to horror. I’ll go into most things with an open mind, and I’ve never been on the “this is just a cash grab” train when it comes to sequels, reboots, and spinoffs. 

But count me officially in on that kind of attitude as of now. This trailer has shown me that this is not even close to the Scream I know and love. It’s a glorified, multi part Halloween special of some CW teen drama. 

The Scream I love was like a John Hughes horror movie. It had clever and likable teenagers, and it didn’t feel like it was catering to just a teen audience. This TV show has a cast that can’t hold a candle even to the cast of Scream 4. There’s annoying teen romance where there should be terror (“You slept with her!”) and there’s a sad attempt at horror movie parody where there should be wit and knowledge. 

And don’t even get me started with that mask. WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT MASK? WHERE IS GHOSTFACE?!

Uh... if this quick glimpse from the trailer IS the Ghostface mask, none of the Honeys are happy.

I’d probably be a little more accepting if this show were more closely related to the movie-within-a-movie Stab films. That would make sense. Because none of anything I’ve seen has anything to do with Scream, and certainly doesn’t deserve its label. 

Slasher Honey is nope face on this one. MTV has ruined my childhood for the last time. 

I’m more mad, than anything, at the fact that I probably will end up watching it anyway, just because of the name attached. And I’ll have no one to blame but myself when it disappoints me. ~ Slasher Honey