The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ The Return of Celebrity DeathMatch!!!

Honey Buzz ~ The Return of Celebrity DeathMatch!!!

If you were anything like your Head Honey, you were witness to the dawn of the BEST era of MTV. In the mid-90s those of us old enough (or sneaky enough) to watch MTV late at night were treated to one of the most amazing things ever... Celebrity Deathmatch. It was like wrestling when it was awesome, except with plastecine and massive amounts of claymation gore (for TV anyway). There's also nothing quite like seeing celebrities hit each other with various implements of destruction... even if it IS in clay.

My brother and I used to tape these (on VHS, yo) and play them OVER and OVER and OVER again. These pop-culture matchups sometimes were easy to predict, and sometimes totally threw you off, but usually echoed popular sentiment in regards to whoever was matched up in the squared circle.

When I was a teenager, this shit was HILARIOUS, and thankfully, now that I'm re-watching all of them on YouTube, they're STILL hilarious.

While there's no official air date set, there are a few details about the new iteration of the show:

The new version will again featured animated no-holds barred fantasy fights between infamous figures from entertainment and pop culture and be reimagined for a social media world and hourly Twitter wars.

Am I into it? For now... But then again, considering how pop culture focused the first version of the series was, this might be geared towards "the kids" and then I won't fucking get it. 

But until then, it's time for a YouTube binge!! 


(Source: THR)