The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Poltergeist poster. Fuck off with that.

Honey Buzz ~ Poltergeist poster. Fuck off with that.

I've been on a rant about horror fans being forced to accept that the "new scary thing" is clowns in recent months. 2015 is officially turning into the Year of the Clown, and y'all can fuck right off with that shit.

While I think the retread of Poltergeist is ENTIRELY unnecessary, posters and hype like this are turning me more and more into the angry/annoyed horror fan who wants to stab reboots multiple times.
What was wrong with this poster? THIS is actually scary.
We've been talking about this film for a little while, that its actually going to be more of a kids film, that the story will focus on the son instead of Madison (our new Carol Anne), and we have also hoped on multiple occasions that Sam Rockwell will get a dancing segment.

If you haven't seen the trailer yet, you can peep that shit HERE

So, it all its fabricated glory, I present you with a poster scarier than the movie will ever be. Did James Wan paint this thing? What the utter damn hell. The poster is actually a close-up of a section of the original poster... is this a good thing? Maybe we'll be able to puzzle them together like that Avengers poster from SDCC last year. *eyeroll*

"They know what scares you. Spoiler alert: it's the stuff they told you that you should be scared of."

Between now and May 22nd, I look forward to sharing the inevitable 2nd and 3rd "official trailers" which when you splice them together will let you see about 90% of the film.

Am I getting jaded? Probably. Am I really just annoyed as fuck that this film is even happening? That's more likely.