The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ New clip for MAGGIE aka "I’ll Try… Not to Cry"

Honey Buzz ~ New clip for MAGGIE aka "I’ll Try… Not to Cry"

Zombie Buzz by Bella

In case you missed it, the lovely Head Honey posted news about the trailer for Maggie a little bit ago. Since her initial post I have been keeping a keen eye on the goings on for this Schwarzenegger, father-daughter, zombie flick. And, luckily for me, that finally means more than just tapping my toes in wait - or watching the trailer for the umpteenth time - because there is finally something new too look at: a released clip titled, I’ll Try.

You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to try not to cry. 

As a young girl, and only child, I put my father on a pedestal clearly labeled “greatest man alive,” right next to second runner up: Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you’ve been paying any attention to me, you won’t argue this point. I grew up watching his films with my dad, starting with Commando - in theaters - at the tender age of 4. I hardly knew what a theater was - or that popcorn was the devil - but I knew when those boots hit the screen that that was Arnie; that he was my hero; that he was invincible; that he was a dad doing everything he could to save his daughter.

That was 30 years ago… now, we get Maggie. The story of a man doing everything he can to save his daughter, or at least make her comfortable through what is sure to be a tragic time. Remember: zombie. This clip is a short but powerful one. It’s a simple conversation between father and daughter where more is said between lines than during them. Maggie doesn’t feel like she should have been saved, out of a fear of hurting her family (additional interpretation: she doesn’t want to hurt them but she’s really really glad her dad came for her anyway). But, Arnie made a promise to her mother (additional interpretation: he’s her father, of course he was going to bring her back).

I'm tapping out. The tears win.
I’ve watched the clip six times now and the dialogue I hear is this:

Maggie: I’m sorry I got myself into this horrible thing. You should leave me alone.
Arnie: I’m your father, I’m here no matter what.
Maggie: I love you.
Arnie: I love you, too.

It makes me really happy to see a role for Arnie where he gets to BE human interacting with other, uh, ex-humans.... Anyway, he’s aged and he’s scruffy - no longer the iron man, now more the aluminum man. I see these changes in my own dad, no longer standing proudly on that pedestal, but leaning on it. And yet, always at the ready to be his daughter’s hero. (Sniffle)

… …

Seriously guys, this zombies+emotions thing… it’s gotta stop. I’m grossing myself out. So, for something completely inappropriate: #StopBeingCreepyBella