The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Jurassic World Trailer

Honey Buzz ~ Jurassic World Trailer

As a 90s kid, not liking the trailer for Jurassic World basically makes you a traitor to your generation. So, of course, I'm sitting here with some nostalgia in my pants while watching the trailer. The original Jurassic Park was a phenomenal experience... as a palaeontology nerd from WAY back, I could feel the overwhelming emotion of Dr. Grant as he saw a herd of Brontosaurus for the first time, to see that his inferences about their behavior were actually true... that's something that people who deal with ancient history on a daily basis never get to experience. Jurassic Park was life-changing for an entire generation of moviegoers. And yes, I actually feel that way about it. Jurassic Park taught us the lesson (in one movie, we didn't need sequels) about the hubris of man and the consequences of playing God with something more powerful and ancient than all of us... Nature finds a way. 
LOL I love this poster!

That being said, I've been on the fence about this reboot for a little while. I played the game that came out for iPad like a rabid beast... Dinosaur battles, the Ice Age level, the Underwater level is my favorite because those things are insane. 

This week, a new trailer for Jurassic World was released, and the park we all know and love is just a little different. 

What's in the trailer: Jurassic World is an expanded version of the original park, with immersive experiences designed to put you RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the dinosaur action. Does this make anyone else nervous?? As with any theme park, the unveiling of a new exhibit always brings in more guests, and as with any theme park, the more daring the new exhibit, the better the turnout. So, why waste time and money on boring old vegetarian dinos... break out the big guns and mutate something totally huge and predatory. Typically, when it sounds like a bad idea right out of the box, that's not a good sign. As we learn from the trailer, this dinosaur is a female (oh noes, big bad lady dinosaurs on the prowl again... doh dee oh) who after escaping her pen after a failed submission attempt by PrattMalcolm is now killing for sport within the park. Ladies, wouldn't that be YOUR first instinct? I know it would be mine. 

For your enjoyment, there is a thinly veiled Sea World reference, some awkward fisting gestures to indicate sex because y'know... that's awkward to talk about to a lady scientist with a fierce bob-cut. Some of the craziest "immersive experience" tactics I've ever seen and a wolfpack scene with some raptors and a motorcycle because fuck yeah why not.  

Is Chris Pratt a Raptor Whisperer? Last time I checked, yes, these dinos are intelligent, but they're still pack hunting reptiles who are out to Feed, Fuck or Fight... no where in those 3 F's is a Chris Pratt mind meld, but whatever.  WOO DINOSAURS!!!!!   

I'm stoked as fuck about this movie, not gonna lie. 
The Park opens June 12th, and I'm going to be there. 
Front row centre at the Aquatics show please.