The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ It's Duchovny vs. Manson in NBC's 'Aquarius!'

Honey Buzz ~ It's Duchovny vs. Manson in NBC's 'Aquarius!'

"Wow. The love generation plays rough!"

As someone that grew up more than a little obsessed with the REAL 60s (Vietnam, The Black Panthers, second-wave Feminism), there is little I love more than a film or television show that gets shit right. Here's hoping that NBC's David Duchovny vehicle Aquarius, premiering in May, falls into that category!

A new trailer for the show released today make it seem like Aquarius is heading in the right direction...

Starring Duchovny as a police sergeant who begins tailing Manson in the early days of cultish activity, the trailer definitely gets all the details right. From Jefferson Airplane to plenty of angry protest scenes, Aquarius has all the makings of a true-crime classic. Personally, I'm highly interested to see Game of Thrones' Gethin Anthony as Charles Manson!

Watch the new NBC trailer for Aquarius below and let me know what you think! ~ Revenge Honey

Aquarius premiers on NBC with a 2-hour special 
Thursday, May 28, 9pm-11pm
before moving to its permanent 1-hour pre-Hannibal runtime,
9-10pm on Thursdays