The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Halloween Comes Early With EVIL NATURE Proofs!

Honey Buzz ~ Halloween Comes Early With EVIL NATURE Proofs!

Monster Buzz by Jennica

Spring has only just begun but the Horror Honeys' Halloween spirit is already burning bright. We're dusting off our costumes and masks, stocking up on the sweetest treats, and plotting the wickedest tricks. As for me, your Monster Honey, I'm already sharpening my knives to carve a horrifying smile not even your mother could love. But what if this Halloween night was different? Perhaps this time I'll be the one wearing the distorted grin.

Although an official release date has yet to be confirmed, it appears that Evil Nature, a campy Halloween-themed creature feature, is in the works. 

The Plot: Two nitwit investigators are joined by a local hippie to fight against flesh-eating pumpkins on Halloween night.

We're listening.

Pictured: "Happy Horror Honey" face

Rue Morgue Magazine raves that "The spirit of Gremlins and Sam Raimi looms large in the proof of concept for filmmaker Darin Beckstead' Evil Nature." The proof of concept does, in fact, nail the art of horror comedy right on the coffin and the effects bring back fond memories of the stop-motion animation of my youth.
I don't even care that pumpkin guts don't look like this. 
Evil Nature is executive produced by Gilbert Adler, who brought us the abomination Constantine but warmed our black hearts with Tales from the Crypt. And the creature design credit goes to F/X artist Todd Masters who can be blamed for Underworld: Awakening but thanked for the oddities found in Slither and True Blood. Bearing in mind the previous work of these two figures, the potential success of Evil Nature seems to be quite a toss-up.

However, with an all-star cast that includes Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Jay Baruchel (This Is The End), and the ever-stunning Faye Dunaway (Supergirl, Mommie Dearest), just to name a few, I'm already digging in my pocket to throw money at the nearest movie theater. 

Check out the two-minute proof of concept for Evil Nature below.