The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ 'Don't Look Now' but Another Remake is Coming...

Honey Buzz ~ 'Don't Look Now' but Another Remake is Coming...

You know, at certain point it becomes utterly impossible to maintain any sort of faith in the film industry when they consistently shit all over your favorite films. Remakes are inevitable in a business where making money seems to be more important than creating art, but as Sci-Fi Honey Katie recently said, it makes no sense to try and re-create classics when there are plenty of terrible films begging for a second chance. Now, Nicolas Roeg's classic supernatural thriller Don't Look Now is the latest to be targeted by the lazy remake monster.

And almost no one at Honey HQ is happy about it.

Good luck re-creating this moment of sheer terror, you wangs.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Studio Canal and The Picture Company are in the early phases of producing a remake of the brilliant Don't Look Now, a terrifying piece of cinematic perfection that starred Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie as parents haunted by memories of their deceased daughter. At this point, the remake has no writer, director, or stars, with The Picture Company trying to find a studio to fund the project first before they move forward with their latest lazy ass project. You may already know Andrew Rona and Alex Heinemen of The Picture Company as the duo responsible for remaking the John Carpenter classic, Escape from New York.

If you've listened to a Honey podcast in the last year, or read any other news regarding the 10,000 remakes that have come out and/or are currently in the works, you know how we feel about this. But I don't think it is an exaggeration to say, at least on the part of Katie, Kat, and myself, this one cuts deep. Don't Look Now is a treasure, a piece of film perfection that utterly terrifies with subtle tension and horrifying visuals that have never been matched. To think that anyone has the nerve to believe they can improve on the original in any way is entirely indicative of what is wrong with remake culture: a generation of lazy filmmakers who believe they can do better than the films that have inspired the rest of us in our love of cinema. So basically, shame on you Studio Canal and The Picture Company. Shame. On. You.

This too.

What are your feels on a Don't Look Now remake?
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