The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ ANOTHER 'In Cold Blood' Miniseries? Really?

Honey Buzz ~ ANOTHER 'In Cold Blood' Miniseries? Really?

Because a book, three movies, a television miniseries, and a graphic novel just weren't enough...

The Weinstein company has bought the rights to Truman Capote's In Cold Blood with the intention of turning the real life murders of the Clutter family into a "television event," aka ANOTHER miniseries.

Perry Smith & Dick Hickock at the time of their arrests
According to Variety, Gary Oldman and Douglas Urbanski’s Flying Studios has signed on to produce the latest in a line of adaptations made of Capote's time (along with childhood friend Harper Lee) investigating the murders committed by Perry Smith and Dick Hickock. One of the best-selling true crime novels of all time, In Cold Blood went on to inspire generations of writers and filmmakers, who now viewed true crime as a legitimate source of material for film, television, and novels. Hence why there are already three films and a TV miniseries based on Capote's book. Leaving us with the inevitable and perpetual question surrounding remake culture... why?

Do you think another In Cold Blood is needed? Let me know! ~ Revenge Honey